Your brand can be on TV for less than you think.

Here’s why.

There are now over 300 commercial stations serving the diverse breadth of viewing audiences in the UK. With such a high level of supply, getting your ad seen on TV isn’t as expensive as you might think, with opportunities geared to suit all levels of spend.


TV advertising offers unprecedented scale, reaching 69.6% of the population in one day, 91.9% of the population in one week and 98% of the population in a month


TV advertising delivers a high ROI – generating £1.79 for every £1 spent on TV
(Payback 4, 2008-2011 & 2011-2014, Ebiquity)


TV continues to pay back long-term, with 50% of attributable profit materialising after the first year of activity
(Payback 4, 2008-2014, Ebiquity. Retail & FMCG)


New technologies, especially animation, mean that TV commercials can be produced far-more affordably than in the past


And finally, remember that TV advertising is more likely to prompt an emotive response due to the combination of audio and visual assets. On average TV is 52% more effective at prompting an emotional response that a print ad.
(TV/Ad Nation, 2016, Ipsos Connect/Thinkbox, adults 15+) 

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